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Safety and Hygiene

  1. Nylon-MXD6 has passed the standards set by the Ministry of Welfare Notice No.20.
  2. Nylon-MXD6 complies with the self-imposed standards of the Polyolefin Safety Council and has been approved by and registered with the Council.
  3. Nylon-MXD6 is approved as registered under FDA 21CFR §177.1500, (b), (10.1) and §177.1630,(e), (4) (v).
  4. Existing Chemical Substance No. of Nylon-MXD6 is 7-387(poly m-xyleneadipamide)
  5. Cas. Reg. No. 25718-70-1 (Hexanedioic acid,polymer with 1,3-benzendimethanamine)

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