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Thermal Properties and Flow Dynamics

Table 5 shows the thermal properties and melt viscosity of Nylon-MXD6. Fig. 3 shows the relationship between the shear rate and the melt viscosity. Fig. 4 shows the relationship between the temperature and the melt viscosity.

Table 5 Thermal Properties and Melt Viscosity of Nylon-MXD6
Property Measuring Method Conditions Unit Grades
S6001 S6007 S6121
Melting Point DSC 240±5 240±5 240±5
Glass-Transition Temperature DSC 85 85 85
Molding Temperature   250~290 250~290 250~290
Melt Viscosity 260℃

Nozzle D:1.0mm
Nozzle L:10mm Shear Rate

Pa・s 150 740 2,000
270℃ 120 550 1,500
280℃ 100 400 1,200
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion ASTMD696 cm/cm℃ 5.1×10-5 5.1×10-5 5.1×10-5

Fig. 3 Melt Viscosity and Shear Rate

Thermal Properties and Flow Dynamics1

Equipment used: Capillograph 1C by Toyo Precision Instruments
Die: 1mmφ ×10mmL

Fig.4 Temperature dependence of melt viscosity

Thermal Properties and Flow Dynamics2

Equipment used:Capillograph1C by Toyo Precision Instruments
Die: 1mmφ ×10mmL

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