Message from the President

Masashi Fujii

Sustainability at Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Group

As a member of society, the Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Group owes its existence to the strong support of our many stakeholders, including business partners and customers, local communities and employees. Under our Mission, “Creating value to share with society,” we constantly endeavor to be a corporate group worthy of the public trust. As part of our groupwide effort to help build a more sustainable society we created our Sustainability Promotion Principle in August 2022. By doing business while acutely conscious of our responsibilities in the areas of environment, society and governance, we contribute to the prosperity and harmony of a sustainable society.

Specifically, the MGC Group has set a long-term goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. In order to accomplish this the entire Group is implementing carbon footprint-reduction measures with short-, medium- and long-term timeframes. Specific examples include our efforts to conserve energy, introduce renewable energy, produce circular carbon methanol, and innovate in creating environmentally-friendly products.
Based on our Safety Philosophy that “ensuring safety is the top priority of our business activities,” MGC Group companies take seriously their commitment to contribute to society through working to for a safer world, ensuring that their business activities dovetail with the principles of sustainable development. Under policies focused on the environment and safety, we continue to build consumer confidence as we carry forward our self-motivated Responsible Care activities.

Consideration for society and the environment is a high priority across our supply chains, from production through sales and service. To our business partners, suppliers and so on we present the Mitsubishi Gas Chemical CSR Procurement Guidelines, and with their assured understanding and cooperation we continue to procure goods and services with sustainability in mind.

In our MGC Corporate Behavior Principles and MGC Group Code of Conduct we delineate our social responsibility as a corporate citizen to respect the character and human rights of individuals, and to never discriminate against anyone on the grounds of race, gender, nationality, age, religion or origin, nor do anything to impugn human dignity.
For the MGC Group, people are the most important resource for creating value. We believe that every one of our employees is a growth engine for the Group as they influence and engage one another to create something enormously powerful.
Consequently, we commit to well-being management, encouraging each employee to experience personal growth at work and do his or her job with a high level of self-motivation. Further, through our policies we promote diversity and inclusion, envisioning active work environments where people appreciate and stimulate one another and work with personal motivation and contentment, resulting in a ceaseless flow of ideas and inspiration.

Through these efforts the MGC Group continues to pursue sustainable management in order to earn the trust and support of all our stakeholders.

Masashi Fujii
President and Representative Directorbr
May 2023