Environmental and Safety Philosophy, Principle, Declaration, and Basic Policy

Safety Philosophy

Ensuring safety is the top priority of our business activity

Safety Principle

  1. Fostering a Safety Culture
  2. Confirming and Abiding by Safety Rules
  3. Thorough Education and Training
  4. Promoting Preventive Maintenance

The MGC Group Declaration on Environmental Sustainability

The Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Group shall help communities develop more sustainably in the future by taking actions aimed at maintaining a healthy global environment going forward, including initiatives for tackling climate change, promoting community-based recycling, and protecting biodiversity.

  1. We shall strive to procure energy, raw materials, water, and other resources in a manner that minimizes environmental impact, and promote the efficient use of such resources.
  2. We shall implement measures to reduce the environmental impact of greenhouse gases and other environmental pollutants.
  3. We shall reduce waste through recycling and other initiatives, and properly manage and dispose of the waste we produce.
  4. We shall promote the development and widespread use of products and technology that reduce environmental impact or help restore damaged ecosystems.
  5. We shall fully comply with international rules and the environmental regulations of countries in which we operate.
  6. We shall promptly and properly disclose information regarding our environmental initiatives and proactively engage with our communities.
  7. We shall strive to raise awareness of environmental issues through education.

The MGC Group Basic Policy on Environment and Safety

  • Maintain occupational health and safety processes across all operations
  • Ensure process safety and security at work sites
  • Reduce environmental impacts and contribute to the sustainable development of communities
  • Ensure the safe handling, usage, and disposal of chemical products
  • Ensure the safe transport and storage of chemicals and related products
  • Build the trust of stakeholders
  • Implement group-wide environmental and safety initiatives
  • Improve environmental and safety management systems on a regular basis