Medium-Term Management Plan
Grow UP 2026

“Growing,” “Winning” and “Sustainable”

The image of R&D and providing the social value

The MGC Report (Integrated Report)

-Conveying our medium - and long – term growth strategies in a straightforward manner.

The image of the front cover of MGC report (Integrated Report)

The MGC vision for aCarbon Neutral World in 2050

The image of circulating society and decarbonized society

Breaking through the 2-nano barrier

Leading manufacturer of semiconductor packaging for next-gen 6G communications.

The image of semiconductor and the city symbolizing 6G generation

50 years ago, our oxygen absorbers revolutionized food preservation

The image of long strage and quality preservation of things, and a family who enjoys sweets

We are there, in the big and the small

You may not know it, but MGC is a key part of our daily lives

The image of a car, a bridge, a smartphone, and medicines

Digital technologies for everyone
Creating the future together

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News Releases