Optical Materials Division

To provide the best optical solutions, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical established the Optical Materials Division in April 2019.
The optical materials market is constantly growing across industries as image processing capabilities have improved and the technology has been made widely available and expanded across many applications. This has led to standardized installation of high-performance cameras in smartphones and other IT devices and in-vehicle installation of such systems, and thus the market needs have also been further diversified and demanding.
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical strives to solve customers’ problems using various optical materials products with advanced optical properties, such as high transparency and refractive index, combined with our expert knowledge about optical control. Specifically, our proprietary optical materials products are used in lenses for cameras and eyeglasses, electrophotographic photoreceptors, optical adhesives, imprint materials, optical sheets, photoresists and many other applications, to bring people a better, more comfortable life.

Photo: lenses of a smartphone


Optical Materials Division
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