Web Accessibility Policy

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co., Ltd. is working to improve web accessibility so that everyone who uses our website can comfortably access information regardless of their physical or mental conditions or the environment in which they use it.

The target level to reach for

We aim to conform to Japanese Industrial Standards Committee (JIS X 8341-3:2016).

Items to consider

  • Ensure that the screen will not blink in animations.
  • Provide a pause button for contents that change automatically, such as slide shows, so that you can stop it.
  • Do not set time limits for contact form or search operations
  • Enable all site functions to be accessed with just keyboard operations
  • Add information pointed to by images such as logos, photos, illustrations, etc. as alternative text
  • The text is in an order that makes sense when read out in order with a screen reader.
  • Do not convey information using only a single expression such as red, bold, underline, enlargement, color, etc.
  • Information can be read even if the text is enlarged or reduced.
  • Add headings to express the elements included in sections and blocks
  • Appropriately express the title that indicates the content of the page
  • Choose a link title that predicts the content of the link destination
  • Give the same labels and explanations to the same functions (Give PDF icons and external links a separate window icon)
  • Maintain navigation consistency across the entire site (excluding special sites)

The coverage of this policy

The main subordinate pages of https://www.mgc.co.jp/


The following pages are regarded as exception of this policy.