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Publications and Presentations in 2021


Title Journals, Lectures, or Society Meetings
Mechanism of Elastic Properties of Biodegradable Poly[(R)-3-Hydroxybutyrate-co-4-hydroxybutyrate] Films Revealed by Synchrotron Radiation ACS Omega 2021, 6, 7387–7393
Effect of Ceramic / Polymer Heterointerface on Dielectric Property of self-Assembled BaTiO3 / Poly-L-Lactic Acid Composite Materials J. Ceram. Soc. Jpn., 129[3], 135–142 (2021)(Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan)
Development of Synthetic Absorbable Monofilament Suture Using Polyhydroxyalkanoates The 64th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Surgey of the Hand
Chemical school
~hands-on workshops for plant operator to get chemical knowledge and develop safety skills~
Japan Chemical Industry Association Responsible Care Award
Influence of a Fe ion to corrosion by the acetic acid/HBr aqueous solution environment (the 1st report) Japan Society of Corrosion Engineering
Hydrogel particles for biomarker detection in liquid biopsies Japan Journal of Research. 2021; 2(1): 1-4.
X-Ray Shielding Property of Polymers Bearing Bismuth Carboxylate Structure The Chemical Society of Japan,The 101st annual meeting
Preparation of X-ray shielding films by thermal radical polymerization of styrylbismuthine derivatives 70th SPSJ Annual Meeting
Transparent and Photochromic Material Prepared by Copolymerization of Bismuth(III) Methacrylate ACS Applied Polymer Materials 2021, 3, 9, 4419-4423
Development of high refractive index and low birefringence specialty Polymers 20-1 Research Group on Photonics Polymers
Development of high refractive index and low birefringence specialty Polymers 20-6 Polymer Frontier
The use of the NMR for the polymer materials development 21-1 Research Group on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance(Webinar)
Photo-on-Demand Base-Catalyzed Phosgenation Reactions with Chloroform: Synthesis of Arylcarbonate and Halocarbonate Esters The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 28 Jun 2021, 86(14):9811-9819
Development Trends of Thermosetting Resins for Electronics Transactions of The Japan Institute of Electronics
Heterogeneous catalysts for dehydration of 2-furamide to 2-furonitrile The International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies 2021
Evaluation of photosensitive resin resolution Nanotechnology platform japan HP
Developmant of Gas Barrier Adhesive for Sustainable Package The 30th Annual Conference of THE SOCIETY OF PACKAGING SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY., JAPAN
Structure of MoOx/SiO2 and the reaction mechanism of dehydration of 2-furamide Catalysis Society of Japan
Conservation of Resources in the Automobile Industry, Methnaol and Dimethyl Ether (DME) Journal of Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan
Trend in R&D on natural gas / Conversion technology Nihon Enerugii Gakkai Kikanshi Enermix. 2021, Vol.100, No.5, p.584
Processing of Elastic Porous Fiber from Microbial Polyester and Analysis of Highly Ordered Structure. SFSTJ Annyal Meeting
The Effect of Molecular Structure on Optical Properties of Specialty Polycarbonates Journal of JSPP, 33[7], 259 (2021) (Japan Society of Polymer Process)
Inventions of Low Birefringence Polymers that Have Broken the Common Sense of Refractive Index Properties Journal of JSPP, 33[7], 247-248 (2021) (Japan Society of Polymer Process)
MGC Advanced Packaging Technologies to Extend Shelf Life, Maintain Quality and Improve Sustainability PROPAK ASIA (Webinar)
Pyrroloquinoline Quinone Attenuates Fat Accumulation in Obese Mice Fed with a High-Fat Diet, Daphnia magna Supplied with a High Amount of Food, and 3T3-L1 Adipocytes ACS Food Sci. Technol. 2021, 1, 10, 1979–1989
Sustainable Packaging Solutions from Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Plastics Rubber Indonesia (Webinar)
Succeeded in synthesizing highly reactive carbonate and functional polycarbonate by optical on-demand organic synthesis method using chloroform as a raw material Press release (Kobe University)
Introduction of next generation BT resin materials and proposal of new substrate structure 8th Electronic Device Forum(NEDIA)
Dimethyl carbonate synthesis from CO2 and methanol combined with the hydration of 2-cyanopyridine using CO2 catalyst The First Symposium on Carbon Ultimate Utilization Technologies for the Global Environment (CUUTE-1)
Synthesis of functional polymer films by thiol-ene reaction of distyrylbismuthine with thiol monomers The thermosetting plastics symposium Japan
Characteristics and development of specialty polycarbonates Journal of JSPP, 33[11], 382-385 (2021) (Japan Society of Polymer Process)
Development of ultra-high refractive index plastic lens Tohoku Area Polymer Young Researcher Study Group Summer Seminar
Dehydration of various amide to nitriles over silica-supported metal oxide catalyst 18th Japan-Korea Symposium on Catalysis (18JKSC)
Functional Food 'BioPQQ' (Science and chemistry) 24th ESR Forum S02
Photo Stability Tests of Antibody Drugs On Drug Delivery, Issue 125 (Oct 2021), p 67–70
Synthesis and evaluation of optical and X-ray shielding properties of transparent polymers with bismuth-carboxylate 40th Research Symposium on Inorganic Polymers
Yarn Fair 2021 ~SUSTAINABILITY &
INNOVATION~ Introductoin of EMOXII
Yarn Fair 2021 in Fukui
Introduction of Eco-Friendly Products 11th CSJ Chemistry Festa 2021
Business Overview of Mitsubishi Gas Chemical: Polycarbonate Sheet and Film 11th CSJ Chemistry Festa 2021
Development of Packaging, and MGC’s Innovative Packaging Technologies for Safety and Sustainability PROPAK MENA (Webinar)
Development of PET Bottle with Superior Storage for Chlorine Bleach The 59th Packaging Technology Research Conference
BT laminate for 5G Beyond
(Panel exhibition)
JPCA show 2021
Development of Gas Barrier Adhesives for sustainable package and expansion into monomaterialization Flexible Packaging and Packaging Recycling (Book)
SAMPE Japan Exihibition(Introduction of CFRP materials) SAMPE Japan Exihibition
Development of Retortable Oxygen Detectors 59th Packaging Technology Research Conference
High-performance Plastic Expo
(Therplim, MXDA, 1,3-BAC, H-TMAn)
High-performance Plastic Expo
High-performance Plastic Expo
High-performance Plastic Expo
Development of Gas Barrier Adhesives for sustainable package and expansion into monomaterialization Environmentally Friendly Materials vol.2 (Book)
Toward the carbon circular society, the possibility and the expected contribution of DME hydrogen / next-generation energy seminar 2021 Vol.1
Introduction of Food Packaging Related Products - "Maxive" Gas Barrier Adhesive The 5th Food Packaging Seminar (Japan Food Packaging Association)
Development of Gas Barrier Adhesives for sustainable package and expansion into monomaterialization Environmental, Monomaterial, and Recycling Technologies for Flexible Packaging and Films and Their Future Prospects
(And Tech Webinar)
Elastic Marine Biodegradable Fibers Produced from Poly[(R) 3-hydroxybutylate-co-4 hydroxybutylate] and Evaluation of Their Biodegradability ACS Appl. Polym. Mater. 2021, 3, 6479−6487