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Various Grades and Uses

It is easy to combine Nylon-MXD6 with other materials for co-extrusion and co-injection molding. This property makes possible its wide-range of applications, e.g., the production of laminated films, sheets and containers.

You can also blend Nylon-MXD6 with other materials to improve mechanical properties and to achieve greater gas-barrier characteristics.

In addition, the excellent physical properties of Nylon-MXD6, e.g., great strength, high elastic modulus, and low water absorption, are enhanced when Nylon-MXD6 is used as a molding material in the production of monofilaments and special fibers.


Various Grades and Uses


Nylon-MXD6 is available in three different grades of varying molecular weight. Table 6 shows the various grades and their properties.

Table 6: Various Grades of Nylon-MXD6
Property Grades
S6001 S6007 S6121
Relative Viscosity 2.1 2.7 3.5
MI 7 2 0.5
Moisture Content (%) 0.15 or less 0.15 or less 0.15 or less
Melting Point (℃) 240±5 240±5 240±5

Table 7 shows examples of grade selection to match the desired use. As the Table shows, Nylon-MXD6 can be used for various applications to produce films, sheets, bottles, trays and cups.

Table 7: Suitable grades for various applications
Applications Grades
Monolayer or Multilayer films S6007
Multilayer sheets S6007、S6121
Multilayer bottles and tubes
(extrusion blow)
Monolayer blend bottles with PET
(injection stretch blow)
Multilayer bottles with PET or PP
(co-injection stretch blow)
Monofilaments S6007
Injection moldings #6000、S6003LD

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