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Basic Dividend Policy

MGC’s management believes that its most important task is to increase corporate value through the expansion and growth of the MGC Group. Accordingly, it aims to return optimal amounts of profit to shareholders and internal reserves after fully taking into account plans for borrowing and investing in future business development, the company’s financial soundness, and the outlook for financial results in the future. Profits are allocated to internal reserves for the purpose of strengthening MGC’s financial footing and investing in business expansion and growth. As a basic policy, management aims to ensure stable dividends, paid twice each fiscal year as an interim and fiscal year-end dividend, and decides on the amount in consideration of the company’s recent financial performance, leaving room for flexibility. At the same time, management takes into account market conditions with a view to acquire the company’s own shares in order to increase capital efficiency and the value of dividends paid to shareholders.

Dividend Payments

  Dividend per share
(Record date) Interim
Fiscal year-end
Dividend payout ratio
Fiscal 2018 35 35 70 27.2
Fiscal 2017 24 35 59 21.0
Fiscal 2016 16 22 38 17.2
Fiscal 2015 16 16 32 20.7
Fiscal 2014 14 14 28 14.2
Fiscal 2013 12 12 24 36.2
Fiscal 2012 12 12 24
Fiscal 2011 12 12 24 44.0
Fiscal 2010 8 8 16 19.1
Fiscal 2009 8 8 16 62.1
Fiscal 2008 16 16 32 104.6
  • * With and effective date of October 1, 2016, MGC conducted a reverse stock split for MGC’s ordinary shares on a 2:1 basis. As a result, The Dividend per share in the table calculated assuming that the reverse stock split had been conducted at the beginning of FY2008.

Shareholder Special Benefits

MGC does not have a shareholder rewards program.