MGC’s Social Media Policy


In operating the official social media accounts shown below, MGC will abide by our social media policy.
The aim of our official accounts is to deepen understanding of MGC among users through the dissemination of information about our corporate activities in general.
Furthermore, our official accounts are for the exclusive transmission of information; in principle we do not send replies, etc. Opinions and inquiries are accepted via the “Contact” section on our website.

Our official accounts
X (former Twitter)

Method of Operation

Our official accounts will transmit the following information in compliance with the MGC Corporate Behavior Principles:

  • Contents posted on our website
  • Our corporate activities, products, and related matters
  • Information relating to our official accounts


  • We bear no obligation whatsoever to guarantee the accuracy, completeness, up-to-dateness, usefulness, etc. of information on our official accounts.
  • We bear no responsibility whatsoever for any actions that users perform using the information on our official accounts.
  • We bear no responsibility whatsoever for any replies, retweets, comments, etc. posted by users regarding our official accounts.
  • We bear no responsibility whatsoever for any trouble or disputes arising between users or between users and third parties relating to our official accounts.
  • While copyrights, etc. related to the posting of comments, etc. belong to the user who made the posting, by posting, users agree that MGC has the right to the worldwide use of the posted content free of charge and nonexclusively and that they will not exercise the copyright, etc. against MGC.

Deletion of Posts by Users, Etc.

Please note that if we determine that any of the following items apply, we may delete your post or block your account without prior notice:

  • Posts that violate or may violate laws and regulations
  • Posts that slander a specific individual or group
  • Posts for the purpose of political or religious activities
  • Posts that infringe the intellectual property rights of MGC or a third party, such as copyrights, trademark rights, and portrait rights
  • Posts for the purpose of advertising, promotion, solicitation, sales, or other profit-making activities
  • Posts that discriminate or encourage discrimination for reason of race, ideas, beliefs, etc.
  • Posts that violate public order or good manners and customs
  • Posts that are false or differ from the facts and contents that are mere rumors or encourage rumors
  • Posts that violate privacy, such as identifying, disclosing, or leaking personal information without the consent of the person concerned
  • Posts that impersonate other users, third parties, etc.
  • Harmful programs, etc.
  • Inappropriate posts,  including obscene expressions
  • Posts that modify part or all of the content sent by MGC
  • Posts that are not related to contents sent by MGC
  • Other information deemed by MGC to be inappropriate, links including such contents, etc.


Except for acts permitted by copyright law, such as private use or quotation, the contents of our official accounts cannot be reprinted without our permission. When making a quotation, etc., please be sure to specify the source by an appropriate method.

Dissemination/Change of Operation Policy, Etc.

The contents of this policy will be posted on our website. In addition, this policy may be changed as necessary without prior notice.


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