What we are

We are pleased to make your acquaintance.
We are Mitsubishi Gas Chemical , a company that seeks to create value to share with society  and fulfill the expectations of stakeholders.

QuestionWhat does MGC do?

MGC is one of Japan’s leading chemical manufacturers.
We manufacture numerous products that are beneficial to society.

We make products in a wide range of fields from natural gas to basic chemicals that are used in day-to-day life, fine chemicals that require advanced technological capabilities, and functional materials. We also use proprietary technologies to develop new materials and create valuable products needed by society.

QuestionWhat kinds of products does MGC make?

We are active in two business sectors and
make a variety of distinctive products in each.

Basic Chemicals Business Sector

Main Products
Methanol, MXDA, aromatic aldehydes, methylamine/ammonia derivatives, MMA derivatives, xylene separation products/derivatives, formalin/polyol derivatives, geothermal power generation, and health food ingredients

Specialty Chemicals Business Sector

Main Products
Hydrogen peroxide, electronics industry cleaning agent, Iupilon™ polycarbonate, Iupital™ polyacetal, Reny™ high-performance polyamide , Iupizeta™ optical polymer, monomers for high refractive index plastic lenses, laminated materials for printed circuit boards (BT materials), LE Sheet™, and AGELESS™ oxygen absorbers

Net sales composition ratio by business segment

*Composition ratios are calculated excluding other businesses/reconciling items.

Ordinary profit composition ratio by business segment

*Composition ratios are calculated excluding other businesses/reconciling items.

At a glanceMGC in numbers

  • Number of Group companies 147 companies
  • Overseas net sales ratio 59%
  • R&D expenditure 21.0 billion yen (consolidated)
  • Number of employees (as of March 2022) 10,050 (consolidated)
  • Ordinary income 69.7 billion yen / ROIC 8.8% / ROE 8.3% (consolidated)

strength 1Many products with No.1 global market share

We have high market shares for a wide range of products that support businesses and lives. We have continuously created products designed to meet the needs of society, and this has led to gaining support from many businesses.

As semiconductor material
BT materials

Global market share #1 BT materials

With superior gas barrier properties

Global market share #1 / More than 80% (our estimate) MX-Nylon

*Gas barrier properties: works to block gases, such as oxygen and carbon dioxide

With high refractive index camera lens
Optical polymer “Iupizeta™EP”

Global market share #1 Optical polymer “Iupizeta™EP”

With paint that prevents metal deterioration
MXDA (Meta-xylenediamine)

Global market share #1 MXDA (Meta-xylenediamine)

In the food / medical fields
Oxygen absorbers

Global market share #1 Oxygen absorbers

With lightweight automobile parts
Foamed polypropylene

Global market share #1 Foamed polypropylene

※Gas barrier properties: works to block gases, such as oxygen and carbon dioxide

Strength 2Original development ability

Since MGC’s foundation, we have placed particular importance on our stance to pursue distinction so that we can provide previously unseen value to society. This also holds true in our global development of business, where we have been among the first to establish businesses in emerging countries, such as Saudi Arabia in 1980, Venezuela in 1992, Brunei in 2006, and also expanded our business to Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in 2020, in addition to manufacturing and selling products around the world.

Original development ability
  • picture of global development in Saudi Arabia
  • picture of global development in Venezuela
  • picture of global development in Brunei
  • picture of global development in Trinidad and Tobago

Strength 3World-first and Japan-first technologies

We continuously create innovative products and technologies. We have developed numerous technologies in-house, some of which are innovative technologies previously not seen in Japan or the world. We will continue to create products and technologies that enable us to contribute to the development of society.

  • First in Japan 1927 Producing formalin
  • First in Japan 1933 Producing hydrogen peroxide based on an electrolytic process
  • First in Japan 1952 Producing methanol
  • First in the world 2015 Plastic prefilled syringe
  • First in the world 1968 Xylene separation technology using the superacid “HF-BF3”
  • First in the world 1976 Developing BT materials