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Copyright, etc.

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We prohibit the links described below.

Any link

  1. that is presented in a manner that may impair the social credibility of the Company or poses a risk of causing economic loss to the Company.
  2. that originates from a home page that may be illegal or offensive to public order and morals.
  3. whose format, such as frame links etc., makes it unclear that the material it refers to comes from the Company’s website.
  4. that is presented in a manner that may cause the misconception of a partnership or cooperative relationship with the Company, or misconception that the Company recognizes or supports the website hosting the link.

The Company may request deletion of links such as the above described, or any other link that it deems inappropriate, even in cases where approval has been given in advance. When linking, please contact the Company using the contact information listed below in advance for approval. However, please understand that the Company may refuse to give approval.

A lack of response from the Company does not imply its recognition of the link in question. Please contact the Company whenever major changes arise in the contents on the website that hosts the link. As a general rule, please set the link destination to the top page (https://www.mgc.co.jp/eng/) of the Company’s website.

When linking to the Company's website, please state the Company’s name as either Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc. or Mitsubishi Gas Chemical, being careful to write it correctly.

Warranty and Limitation of Responsibilities

The Company carefully creates and administers the documents, photographs, illustrations, videos, software, links and other information that are posted on the Company’s website. However, please understand that the Company makes no warranty regarding the accuracy and completeness of all information.

The Company assumes no responsibility of any kind in case of damages caused by use of the data, etc. on the Company’s website. The Company makes no warranty regarding the content of websites whose links are hosted by the Company’s website. Please note that the content and composition of the website data, etc. may be altered or discontinued without prior notice.

Company Website Updates

The Company’s website may contain errors and/or misprints. The company is unable to promise that it will update or correct all provided information in a timely and suitable manner.

Please note that the Company may make improvements, changes or deletions to the website without prior notice.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The Company’s website is under administration by Mitsubishi Gas Chemical. While the Company’s website is accessible from countries throughout the entire world, where different laws are applicable, both the parties who access the Company’s website and the Company agree that they shall be bound by the laws of Japan and the regulations of the Tokyo area with respect to the use of the Company’s website.

Unless stipulated elsewhere, all conflicts related to use of this website shall fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court’s first hearing.

Company Policy Regarding Submitted Proposals

The Company sometimes receives inquiries about various ideas, technologies and other proposals (hereafter “the proposals”) with regard to product commercialization, business, marketing etc. However, the Company in principle refuses to accept such proposals, due to the possibility of coincidental similarities between plans under research and development or consideration by the Company, and those of the submitted proposals, leading to misunderstandings and unnecessary problems.

If a proposal is submitted regardless of the above, please understand that the Company will handle the proposal in the manner described below, and it will be assumed that the submitting party has agreed to the below.

  1. The Company shall not be responsible for confidentiality or any other obligations.
  2. The Company is unable to comply with requests for responses to the proposal.
  3. The Company will, in principle, return all proposals without any study or assessment thereof. If the returned proposal should fail to reach the original sender for some reason, the Company shall not be held responsible.
  4. The Company shall not be responsible in any way whatsoever if a product or service already implemented, or planned to be implemented, by the Company is identical or similar, in part or as a whole, to the submitted proposal.


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