High-performance Products Division

Using our unique superacid catalyst technology, we consistently promote the handling xylene isomers and derivatives from mixed xylene upstream.Our products are used as raw materials and additives for fibers, polymers and coating compounds which are indispensable to our daily lives and industries.
Our xylene separation technology using the superacid catalyst is unique technology, and it enables the efficient separation of mixed xylenes obtained from the petroleum refining into m-xylene, p-xylene, o-xylene, and ethylbenzene. Using xylene isomers produced efficiently by applying these technologies, we manufacture derivative products together with MGC affiliates. From m-xylene, we manufacture meta-xylenediamine, the raw material of paints, adhesives, etc, high-purity isophthalic acid, demand for which is growing as a secondary raw material for PET resins, as well as the derivatives produced with our unique technology. One example of the derivatives is MX Nylon, which boasts features such as gas barrier properties, chemical resistance, and high rigidity. It is widely accepted in various countries around the world as a material for food packaging and injection molding.
In addition, aromatic aldehydes Aromatic aldehydes are used as raw materials for perfumes, plastic additives, pigments, pharmaceutials, agrochemicals, and other specialty chemicals.
The main use of formalin is phenolic resin adhesive used in the production of plywood. Plywood is widely used in the floors, walls, and furniture of houses and buildings, and is a basic material that is closely related to our daily life. As the largest domestic supplier, we support our daily lives invisibly.
Polyols are used in solvent-free products such as powder coating polyester resins and waterborne polyester resins. Polyols contribute to the realization of an environmentally friendly society.

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High-performance Products Division
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