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Research and Development Policy

Research and Development Principles

  1. Enhancing the profitability of existing businesses, especially core businesses
    • Emphasizing R&D themes leading to greater profitability
    • Continuously improving core technologies
  2. Developing and creating new businesses
    • Achieving profitability in new businesses early on
    • Acquiring technologies with an eye toward the future business portfolio
  3. Improving group-wide operational efficiency
    • Strengthening ties with group companies
  4. Improving total enterprise quality in support of sustainable growth
    • Hiring and developing human resources
    • Providing an enhanced research environment

R&D Priority Areas

  1. Medical/Food
    • Supplements
    • Oxygen absorbers
    • Food packaging materials
    • Detergents, disinfectants
  2. Information/Communications
    • Semiconductor packaging materials
    • EL chemicals
    • Display substrates
    • Optical materials for electronic devices
  3. Mobility
    • Engineering plastics for automotive interiors and exteriors
    • Next-generation battery materials
  4. Energy
    • Use of biomass
    • Clean fuels
  5. Infrastructure
    • Emergency power sources, portable power sources

Core Technologies

For existing products, technologies on hand will be continuously improved to strengthen profitability and reduce environmental impacts.
MGC’s principal core technologies and examples of products in which they are applied are shown below.

Core Technologies Products
Catalyst Technology Methanol, Methyl methacrylate
Superacid Technology Meta-xylene, Aromatic aldehydes
Compounding Electronics chemicals
Polymerization Polycarbonate, Polyacetal, MX nylon
Converting Sheet film
Composite Design BT laminate
Oxygen Absorber Design AGELESS®
Biotechnology Pyrroloquinoline quinone

Technology Alliances

Over 90% of our products were developed using proprietary technologies. And our R&D culture developed through strong technological expertise remains an essential element of who we are. Nevertheless, as we strive to achieve ongoing growth as an R&D-oriented corporate group, we will actively acquire new technologies and collaborate with third-party companies, organizations, and research institutes to access technologies not available in-house.