Oxygen Absorbers Division

AGELESS™, the world’s first oxygen absorber, extends the shelf life of food by protecting its original fresh taste, aroma and texture. AGELESS™ also permits food-processing companies to create new, innovative packaging designs and more economical distribution methods. By eliminating oxygen in the package, our customers can preserve the original quality of foods without adding preservatives or additives.
Oxygen absorbers have been used for years in varios fields that go far beyond the food sector. The anaerobic cultivation system AnaeroPack is one of the leading oxygen absorbers in the field of microbiology. The RP system is a quality maintenance system for use with metals and electronic components as well as protecting cultural assets. The oxygen absorbing desiccant, PharmaKeep, works in completely dry conditions and was specifically designed for use with pharmaceuticals.
The oxygen absorbing film, AGELESS OMAC™, is a cutting edge, multilayer film which absorbs oxygen without the use of canisters or sachets to protect and extend the shelf life of a variety of products.

Photo: oxygen absorber


Oxygen Absorbers Division
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