Message from the Head of R&D

Photo: the Head of R&D

We will continue advancing R&D to “create value” that society truly needs and contribute to realizing a prosperous society while supporting the sustainability of our operations, both economically and environmentally.

What is R&D? Value Creation

The fundamental objective of research and development is to create value–value for our company and value for society. At MGC, we are constantly seeking to develop technologies that meet the needs of customers and provide solutions for society. The success of our company is rooted in our ability to continue improving our existing technologies while also innovating new technologies that provide solutions for the changing needs of society.

MGC Accomplishments, Our Motivation

The MGC Group has a long track record of developing unique, proprietary technologies and introducing products with value that meets the needs of society. The creative spark for the innovation we have achieved is fueled by a mission to simply “do what others don’t, and do what others can’t” to meet the needs of society. At the same time, we need to have a very clear understanding of how society is changing so we can anticipate how we can use our technologies to meet society’s needs.

Changing Society

Our society is changing at what seems like an unprecedented pace. Issues demanding attention range from the growing demand for energy, resources, and food as the global population expands; environmental issues including climate change and global warming; and the exploding volume of communications accompanying the technological advances in IT and AI.

New Plan

Our new plan provides a roadmap for developing business that meets the current needs of society and contributes to realizing a prosperous society while at the same time supports the sustainability of our operations, both economically and environmentally.

How R&D Division Will Implement the Plan

R&D Division is seeking to create technology that provides value to society in the form of function, quality, and price. With our society becoming both more diverse and more complex, we are currently developing a full palette of technologies focused on specific issues where our technologies have the potential to provide solutions.

We will continue seeking to create new value by improving our existing technologies, innovating new technologies, and producing a steady stream of new products and new businesses. We are maximizing our R&D capabilities by improving intercommunication across the Group to realize the full potential of our synergies. We will also seek out partnerships with companies, groups, and research institutions that can serve as catalysts to achieving our goals.


We are working to improve our existing technologies and innovate new technologies and products to meet the changing needs of society. Our efforts today will provide the foundation to ensure our business continues to flourish tomorrow. We will continue to create value to share with society.

Yoshinori Isahaya
Director, Managing Executive Officer