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Corporate Behavior Guidelines

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc. (“MGC”, “the Company” or “we”) aims to be a company that acts with sound judgment and maintains the trust and understanding of society. The Company operates under six behavioral principles, presented and explained below, and will share knowledge of these principles widely throughout Group companies.
Senior managers recognize that it is their role to embody the spirit of these principles, and while ensuring that they have a full understanding of the necessary information inside and outside the Company, they will take the initiative to promote a high level of corporate ethics, and strive to develop and operate an effective framework for this purpose through the internal control system. Furthermore, if an incident takes place in contravention of these guidelines, they will take command and fulfill their obligations for internal and external disclosure, strive to identify the cause of the incident and prevent its recurrence, and deal with the matter strictly and fairly in respect to all parties, including management itself.

1. MGC will ensure customer and consumer satisfaction and trust by providing high-quality products and services that are useful, safe and reliable

All parts of the company, from manufacturing plants to research institutes, will work together to provide safer, more reliable, higher quality products and services, and will exert every effort to maintain and assure quality, in order to ensure the satisfaction and trust of all our customers—from upstream client companies to end users. We will also provide accurate information regarding the content, nature and handling of our products and services.
In the pursuit of our business, we will ensure appropriate protection of personal information and customer information.

2. MGC will voluntarily and proactively address environmental issues

We will effectively use the management resources at our disposal to engage actively in environmental conservation, by taking part in the Responsible Care initiative, complying with the ISO14001 system, and pursuing other initiatives. We will develop more environmentally friendly materials and create products and processes with greater capacity to save resources and energy.
We will also endeavor to reduce environmental burden and environmental risk by reducing the emissions generated in the course of our business activities and taking other appropriate steps.
We will disclose our environmental initiatives widely to society.

3. MGC will comply with laws, regulations and rules, and will conduct fair, transparent, appropriate and open business activities

We will strive to enhance our compliance system, and based on laws and regulations will comply with social rules and ensure a high level of corporate ethics. We will conduct fair, transparent and open business activities, and will engage only in appropriate transactions.
We will respond promptly and appropriately to revisions to law and changes in social values, dealing appropriately with revisions to the Antimonopoly Act and the Subcontractor Protection Act, the increased importance of intellectual property, the development and strengthening of the export control system, and other such issues as they arise.
We will pursue our business activities with a strong awareness of our social responsibilities while maintaining sound relationships with governmental and administrative bodies, and will not collude with or be swayed by antisocial elements or groups.

4. MGC will endeavor to ensure broad-ranging communication with society through appropriate disclosure of information

We will provide timely and appropriate disclosure of information that society considers to be truly necessary, encompassing the full scope of our business endeavors. As well as disclosing information pertaining to management and finances, we will actively disclose other information deemed important by society, such as information about the environmental and social aspects of our corporate activities. Through shareholders’ meetings and various other IR activities, we will provide appropriate information in a fair manner to all of our shareholders and investors, and will endeavor to build understanding of our business activities. We will also promote two-way communication with customers, consumers and local communities, through active public relations and public dialogue.

5. MGC will engage in business activities that are useful for society, and actively contribute to society as a responsible corporate citizen

We will actively participate in social contribution initiatives such as fund-raising cooperation and emergency response support for disasters. We will also endeavor to earn social trust by making our own contributions to the resolution of environmental and other important social issues, and will support voluntary social participation by employees.
Furthermore, we will comply with international rules and local laws in our overseas activities, respect the cultures and customs of the overseas regions in which we operate, and conduct business activities that contribute to their development.

6. MGC will provide comfortable and productive working conditions for employees, and will ensure a safe and rewarding working environment

We will provide a working environment that allows a proper work/life balance, aiming to enable all employees to fulfill their potential and devote themselves to their work with comfort, motivation and peace of mind.
We will respect the individuality and human rights of our employees, and ensure comfortable, non-discriminatory working environments. We will comply with laws and regulations prohibiting child labor, forced labor and so forth, and with laws and ordinances such as the Labor Standards Act and the Equal Employment Act. Moreover, we will endeavor to ensure that the behavior of all employees reflects a proper understanding of human rights.