MGC Corporate Behavior Principles

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc. and the Group companies (“MGC”, “the Company” or “we”) aim to act with sound judgment and maintain the trust and understanding of society. The Company operates under seven behavioral principles, presented and explained below, in order not only to increase its corporate value through its business activities but also to contribute to achieving the SDGs and building a sustainable society.
Senior management recognizes that it is their role to embody the spirit of these principles and, accordingly, maintain the transparency of the Company’s business activities in order to build effective governance. While ensuring that the management has a full understanding of the necessary information inside and outside the Company, they will take the initiative to promote and fortify a high level of corporate ethics within the Company, and strive to develop and operate an effective framework for this purpose through the internal control system. Furthermore, they encourage the supply chain to act in accordance with these principles. If an incident takes place that violates any of these guidelines, possibly resulting in the loss of society’s confidence in the Company, the management will act in a responsible manner by taking command to fulfill the Company’s accountability for internal and external parties and, by striving to identify the cause of the incident, work to prevent its recurrence.

1. MGC will drive innovation to provide high-quality products and services that meet society’s needs in order to gain consumer satisfaction and trust and help customers resolve their problems and achieve sustainable growth

The Company will promote innovation not only in technologies but also in all its business activities to ensure the appropriate use of intellectual properties, strengthen the supply chain, and implement organizational reforms.
All parts of the Company will work together to build and further develop a business structure that places the utmost emphasis on product safety and reliability, in order to ensure the satisfaction and trust of society, including all customers from upstream client companies to end-users. We will offer excellent products and services that contribute to resolving challenges and help society achieve sustainable growth, and will exert every effort to maintain and assure high quality. We will also emphasize integrity. To this end, we will provide accurate information regarding the features and handling of our products and services. Furthermore, we will use feedback from customers and other parties to improve safety and quality and to develop better products.

2. MGC will voluntarily and proactively address environmental issues and work to resolve them through all its business activities

We will use the products, technologies, and management resources at our disposal to engage actively in resolving environmental issues. In addition to reducing substances generated by our business activities that have an environmental impact, we will develop products and manufacturing processes that help resolve environmental issues. We will supply such products for society to contribute to ensuring sustainable symbiosis between society and the environment. We will also disclose these initiatives publicly.

3. MGC will comply with laws, regulations, and rules, and will conduct fair, transparent and open business activities, including appropriate transactions and responsible procurement

We will strive to enhance our compliance system and consolidate it within the Company and, in accordance with domestic and international laws and regulations, will comply with social norms and company regulations and ensure a high level of corporate ethics. We will thereby conduct fair, transparent, and open business activities, and will only engage in appropriate transactions. We will also recognize social issues in our supply chains and endeavor to ensure responsible procurement to help society develop in a sustainable manner.
We will comply with the antitrust laws and other competition laws, security export control systems and other existing laws and regulations of relevant countries and regions. We will also respond promptly and appropriately to the new establishment, revision and abolition of laws and regulations as well as changes in social values. We will respect intellectual property rights and systematically protect and manage customer information, including trade secrets, as well as personal information, insider information, and other kinds of information.
With a keen awareness of the possible impact on human rights, we will pursue our entire business activities while assuming our corporate social responsibilities. We will maintain sound relationships with governmental and administrative bodies in and outside Japan and will not collude with or be swayed by extortionists, crime syndicates or any other parties involved in anti-social activities.

4. MGC will endeavor to ensure broad-ranging communication with society through its proactive, effective and fair disclosure of information

We will provide timely and appropriate disclosure of information that society considers to be necessary, encompassing the full scope of our business endeavors. At the same time, we will engage in constructive dialogues with a range of stakeholders to increase our corporate value. For example, we will not only disclose information pertaining to management and financial matters but also actively disclose information about other areas, such as the environmental and social aspects that are deemed important for corporate activities.
Through shareholders’ meetings and various other IR activities, we will equitably provide appropriate information to all of our shareholders and investors, and will endeavor to build an understanding of our business activities. We will also promote ongoing two-way communication with customers, consumers, and local communities through effective public relations and public dialogue.

5. MGC will engage in business activities that are useful for society, and actively contribute to the development of society as a responsible corporate citizen

As a member of society, we will work with a range of stakeholders such as the relevant local communities and administrative authorities to actively participate in social contribution initiatives such as the provision of support for academic activities, development of human resources, and emergency response support for disasters. We will also endeavor to earn social trust by making our own contributions to the resolution of environmental and other important social issues and will support voluntary social participation by employees.
Furthermore, we will comply with international rules and local laws in our overseas activities, respect the cultures and customs of the overseas regions in which we operate, and conduct business activities that contribute to their development.

6. MGC will help its employees improve their competence and provide them with safe, healthful and rewarding working conditions to ensure that they may lead comfortable and productive lives

Giving top priority to the safety and health of all individuals involved in our business activities, we will prevent occupational incidents. We will not only comply with labor laws and regulations but also prevent overwork and work on creating a comfortable working environment to promote the physical and mental health of employees. While helping our employees improve their competence, we will provide a working environment that allows a proper work/life balance by establishing and improving arrangements that ensure more flexible ways of working. These will enable all employees to fulfill their potential and devote themselves to their work with comfort and motivation.
We will give our employees a fair and non-discriminating treatment by respecting their individuality, human rights, and diversity to ensure comfortable working environments. Moreover, we will endeavor to ensure that the behavior of all employees reflects a proper understanding of human rights and diversity.

7. By closely monitoring changes in the environment of its corporate activities, MGC will continually review diversifying risks and develop ways to respond

We will prepare for various risks by paying close attention to environmental changes, including technological and social changes, and by implementing systematic risk management. In addition to establishing a risk management system and preparing a crisis management manual, we will strive to provide education and training to prepare for the occurrence of risk events.