Communication with Stakeholders

As a member of society MGC contributes to the community, and by fulfilling its responsibilities to various stakeholders, the Company will earn society’s trust and sympathy.

Interactions with Stakeholders

Stakeholder Communication philosophy Main means of communication Frequency
Customers MGC offers a wide range of products. To respond to customer expectations and the trust they place in our products, MGC incorporates customer requests and feedback in product development and in improving its services. Direct contact by sales staff Daily
Incoming phone calls, website contacts Daily
Survey requests from customers Daily
Responses to CDP climate change questionnaires Once yearly
Responses to CDP water security questionnaires Once yearly
MGC conducts a broad range of communication activities and ensures shareholders and the investment community have a correct understanding of MGC, we strive to disclose information timely in a fair and transparent manner Earnings briefings Twice yearly
IR inquiries/responses As necessary
Information disclosure in compliance with laws or securities exchanges’ regulations Timely
IR section of website Daily
General meetings of shareholders Once yearly
Reports to shareholders Twice yearly
Business partners We consider a supporting supplier's CSR activity to be an important factor in this regard. In this way, we endeavor to build a supply chain that takes due account of regulatory compliance, the environment, and safety. Communication through purchasing activities Daily
Inquiries about product sourcing Daily
Responses to CSR surveys As necessary
Local communities We encourage community interaction and contributes to their development through participation in local festivals, blood drives, and traffic safety campaigns in Japan, as well as through participation in local activities
outside of Japan.
Incoming phone calls, website visits Daily
Community activities (e.g., disaster relief, litter cleanup, tree planting, traffic safety) As necessary
Scholarships for foreign students through Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Memorial Foundation Twice yearly
Youth educational support (e.g., donation of chemical experiment kits) Periodically
Community meetings at plants As necessary
Plant tours As necessary
Participation in local events As necessary
Employees MGC aims to create dynamic workplace environments where all employees know their respective roles, give full play to their creativity, produce impressive results and find meaning in their jobs. Training programs, interviews Periodically
Management council meetings / management briefings (worker consultation) Periodically
Personnel System Review Committee for joint labor-management discussion Periodically
Collective bargaining As necessary
Internal newsletter Quarterly
Intranet Daily
Consultation desk, whistleblower hotline Daily
Occupational Safety and Health Committee meetings Periodically
Photo: Plant tour (Niigata Plant)
Plant tour (Niigata Plant)
Photo: MGC-sponsored soccer clinic (Niigata Plant)
MGC-sponsored soccer clinic (Niigata Plant)
Photo: Earnings briefing
Earnings briefing
Photo: Internal training session (for security export control staff)
Internal training session (for security export control staff)