Message from the President

Photo: President and Representative Director

Creating value to share with society and
realizing sustained growth

As an outstanding chemical company with original technologies and a strong presence in society, the Mitsubishi Gas Chemical (MGC) Group has always challenged the creation of new technologies and value and has grown together with society with the aim of contributing to social development and harmony through the creation of wide-ranging value based on chemistry.

As a result of the advance of globalization in recent years, the business environments and social structures surrounding us are changing day by day in abewildering manner. Specifically, a wide variety of changes and trends are emerging, including the problems of climate change, resources, and energy, such demographic issues as the low birthrate and aging, and problems relating to health and safety, such as medical treatment and foods, as well as the advance of information technology and the diversification of customer needs.

The MGC Group is engaged in wide-ranging and diverse businesses, from chemical products and material products like methanol, hydrogen peroxide, high-performance engineering plastics, meta-xylenediamine (MXDA), and MX-Nylon to products with highly specialized functionality like foamed plastics, electronic chemicals, optical materials, IC plastic packaging materials, and AGELESSTM oxygen absorbers.

Furthermore, we supply value to society through our Energy Resources Business,which includes geothermal power generation, and our life science products, which includes antibody pharmaceuticals.

To realize sustained growth, meanwhile, we must create and foster new businesses without being bound by conventional parameters. Through new business domains, we will endeavor to solve the social issues that will emerge in the future and supply new value.

In accordance with our mission of “creating value to share with society,” the MGC Group will aim to create common value, including not only economic but also social value, and to realize sustained growth.

I look forward to your continuing guidance and support in this endeavor.

Masashi Fujii
President and Representative Director