C1 Chemicals Division

Methanol is used as a raw material for various materials and supports a wide range of applications in people's lives. Recently, there has been significant anticipation for its use as marine fuel, as well as for e-fuels, and as a hydrogen carrier.
MGC's circular carbon methanol, "Carbopath™” enables the recycling of carbon, paving the way towards a future of carbon neutrality and material recycling.

We use methanol and ammonia as raw materials to produce methylamine, methyl methacrylate and its derivatives, dimethyl ether, and other products.
When manufacturing methyl methacrylate, we are actively working on environmental measures during the manufacturing process, such as using proprietary technology that does not produce ammonium sulfate as a by-product.
There are many products that are only produced by MGC in Japan. These products using these derivatives are supporting people’s lives as raw materials for plastics, paints, synthetic fibers, adhesives, solvents for electronic materials, artificial leather, medicines, and agrochemicals, etc.

Photo: the image of factory that belongs to C1 Chemicals Division


C1 Chemicals Division