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Handling Precautions

Nylon-MXD6 is available as moisture-proof pellets packaged with a water content of 0.1% or less. Further drying of the Nylon-MXD6 after unpacking it is unnecessary; it is ready for molding. However, MGC recommends the use of containers, hoppers, etc. which are capable of maintaining the Nylon-MXD6 in a dry state, during the molding process.

If Nylon-MXD6 is left for a long period of time after unpacking, it may absorb moisture during the molding process, resulting in bubbles or silver streaks. When such problem develop, heat and dry the Nylon-MXD6 under reduced pressure as shown below.

Drying Conditions



Drying Time

4~5 hrs



Fig. 16 shows the hydroscopic behavior of Nylon-MXD6. Fig. 17 shows the change in water content of Dry pellets of Nylon-MXD6.

Fig.16 Hydroscopic Behavior of Nylon-MXD6

Handling Precautions1

Fig.17 Change in Water Content of Dry Nylon-MXD6 Pellets

Handling Precautions2

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