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Thermal Stability

Table 5 shows the thermal properties and melt viscosity of Nylon-MXD6. Fig. 3 shows the relationship between the shear rate and the melt viscosity. Fig. 4 shows the relationship between the temperature and the melt viscosity.

Fig.5 TG Curve of Nylon-MXD6

Thermal Stability1

Fig. 6 Melt Viscosity Stability of Nylon-MXD6

Thermal Stability2

Nylon-MXD6 #6007 : 260℃
EVOH (with : 32mol% ethylene) : 210℃
PVDC (Vinylidene chlorid copolymerized resin) : 180℃
PAN (Acrylonitrile copolymerized resin) : 210℃

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