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How to make an AGELESS pack

The AGELESS can be combined with a high gas barrier packing material to absorb the oxygen within an airtight package and maintain an oxygen free state for a certain period of time. This type of packing is referred to as an “AGELESS Pack”.
This page outlines how to use the AGELESS correctly and how to create an AGELESS Pack.

Four conditions to maintain an oxygen free state

Condition 1 Use packing material with a high gas barrier
In order to maintain an oxygen free state for a certain period of time, select packing material with a high resistance to oxygen permeability. AGELESS Pack use materials with a high gas barrier such as plastics, trays, metal cans and glass bottles.
Condition 2 Select AGELESS that suits the product characteristics and volume of container packing
To ensure that the container is deoxygenated within the required time, select a type of AGELESS that suits the product characteristics and packaging form, and select the size that suits the amount of oxygen in the packaging.
Condition 3 Create a perfect seal with a sealing machine
AGELESS Pack must be completely sealed to maintain their oxygen free state. A heat sealer can be used to seal the container.
Condition 4 Correct handling of AGELESS
Inappropriate handling of AGELESS can render the product useless. Handling conditions differ according to the type, so the conditions for sealing, use and storage explained in the instruction manual should be followed promptly and accurately.

Check of the effects with an actual test

Once an AGELESS Pack has been created, an actual test should be performed to check the effects of sealing.

Actual test procedures

Use the following procedures to test the actual shape of the product.

  1. Insert the prepared product into the packaging.
  2. Insert AGELESS and AGELESS EYE into the packaging. The deoxygenation time will differ depending on the position of the AGELESS. Test the packaging with the AGELESS positioned as it will be used in the final product.
  3. Use a heat sealer or wrapping machine to seal the package.
  4. Enter the expected opening date of the package and store under the prescribed storage conditions (temperature etc).
  5. Open the package after checking (immediately after opening in the case of a can) the color of AGELESS EYE to determine whether deoxygenation is complete for each opening date, and check the quality of the product. Check the appearance, smell and taste of the product.
  6. Determine the use-by-date.

Planning for the actual test

  • Products should be placed in the same production lot with the quantity to match the number of tests to be performed. Set the test period in relation to the target use-by-date.
  • Products with good storage life can have a longer time before opening, whereas the time for products with poor storage should be shortened.
  • Several quality assurance officers should be assigned to check the quality of the product. The same officer should check the quality of the product each time.
  • A test plan should be created to assist in tests with many different conditions.

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