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AGELESS EYE, Oxygen Indicator

The AGELESS EYE is an in-package monitor which indicates the presence of oxygen at a glance.Please use it for testing purpuses only.

AGELESS EYE, Oxygen Detector

  • You can tell at a glance when oxygen in a package is depleted: The color the AGELESS EYE changes from pink to blue.
  • Main applications: Packaging control, AGELESS testing, verifying sealing and breathability.

How to use the AGELESS EYE

When exposed to oxygen, the AGELESS EYE turns blue or purple, then returns to its original pink color as the oxygen in the container is reduced.

  • Insert an AGELESS EYE indicator into the container with the AGELESS oxygen absorber
  • The lower the temperature, the slower the color change.
  • Total elimination of oxygen is seen at a glance.
  • Store AGELESS EYE in a cool, (below 15℃)dark place with no oxygen until ready for use.
    Use AGELESS Z or S to create an oxygen-free atmosphere.Because,this use a very delicate chemical reaction, please handle with care to maintain efficacy.
  • Although AGELESS EYE is not hazardous, it is not meant to be eaten.

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