AGELESS EYE™, Oxygen Indicator

The AGELESS EYE™ is an in-package monitor which indicates the presence of oxygen at a glance.Please use it for testing purpuses only.

Figure: AGELESS EYE™’s color chane by oxygen

AGELESS EYE™, Oxygen Detector

  • You can tell at a glance when oxygen in a package is depleted: The color the AGELESS EYE™ changes from pink to blue.
  • Main applications: Packaging control, AGELESS™ testing, verifying sealing and breathability.
Figure: Tablets form

How to use the AGELESS EYE™

When exposed to oxygen, the AGELESS EYE™ turns blue or purple, then returns to its original pink color as the oxygen in the container is reduced.

  • Insert an AGELESS EYE™ indicator into the container with the AGELESS™ oxygen absorber
  • The lower the temperature, the slower the color change.
  • Total elimination of oxygen is seen at a glance.
  • Store AGELESS EYE™ in a cool, (below 15℃)dark place with no oxygen until ready for use.
    Use AGELESS™ Z or S to create an oxygen-free atmosphere.Because,this use a very delicate chemical reaction, please handle with care to maintain efficacy.
  • Although AGELESS EYE™ is not hazardous, it is not meant to be eaten.

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