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Effectiveness of AGELESS

AGELESS preserves both flavor and nutrition.

The attractive flavors of tea and coffee and dried laver, or the vital nutrients, Vitamin E and C, are quickly deteriorated or lose their potency through oxidation. The graphs below showing the oxidation of Vitamin C with age demonstrate just how effective AGELESS is in retaining this important nutrient.

Change in coffee flavor with age

Change in Vitamin E of freeze dried tofu

3:No Smell. The aroma of food is kept well.
2:A little smell of oxidation. The food aroma is fading.
1:Smell of oxidation. The aroma has gone.
3:The taste is like just after roasting.
2:Increased taste of oxidation.
3:The taste has gotten worse.

Change in Vitamin C in tea with age

Change in almond cookies with age

5:The aroma and taste keeping well.
4:The aroma is fading a little.
3:A little smell of oxidation. The taste had got worse.
2:Smell and taste of oxidation.
1:Strong smell and taste of oxidation.

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