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AGELESS Usage Precautions

AGELESS suppresses growth of microorganisms

AGELESS effectively suppresses the growth of molds and other aerobic microorganisms. However, it does not suppress obligatory anaerobes, microaerophiles, facultative anaerobes and yeast. Before using AGELESS in food packages that are susceptible to these microorganisms, it is necessary to conduct tests under the actual packing and distribution conditions. Combined use of AGELESS with refrigeration and other food preserving methods is recommended. (Note that the growth of mold cannot be fully prevented by AGELESS under certain packaging conditions.)

Note that the growth of mold cannot be fully prevented by AGELESS under certain packaging conditions.

Precautions for AGELESS

Use in Microwave Ovens

Remove AGELESS when heating any food package containing AGELESS. If AGELESS is microwaved, it might spark, scorch the package, and, on rare occasions, ignite. If AGELESS is likely to be microwaved with food, it is necessary to include precautions to prevent heating of AGELESS. Some types of AGELESS can be safely used in a microwave.

Heat generation

Upon opening a food package containing AGELESS, the rapid oxidation of AGELESS may generate heat. However, the amount of heat generated is moderate, insufficient to cause ignition or generally insufficient to cause burns. The temperature and the amount of heat generated and the time following exposure to the air required for heat generation depend upon the type of AGELESS and the conditions of packaging.

Tanning of food with AGELESS

AGELESS inserted in packages of raw meat, redfish meat, processed squid, and Chinese noodles may tan the color of such food items. Conduct tests before using AGELESS under actual packaging conditions. For persistent tanning problems, contact our sales representative.

Further precautions

Be sure to read the AGELESS Users' Manual before using any of the AGELESS products. It is recommended that every user conduct AGELESS tests under actual usage conditions to verify its effectiveness. Contact our office directly or our sales representative for your copy of the AGELESS Users' Manual.

Biocidal Product Regulation in EU

MGC's Oxygen Absorbers are not intended to be used for the following purposes in EU.
- Preservation of food against insects
- Preservation of cultural assets against insects and mildew and mold growth.
For more detail, please refer to the following document.

Biocidal Product Regulation (EU) (PDF 62KB)

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