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Effectiveness of AGELESS

AGELESS prevents food colors from changing.

Oxidation of food causes its color to change. Natural pigments such as the chlorophyll (green) and carotenoids (red) change their colors rapidly, which is promoted by light and heat. Packaging with AGELESS prevents the discoloration of food.


Prevents color changes (25℃ x 1 month)

Prevents color changes (5℃ x 1 month)


Wards off harmful insects (25℃ x 1 month)


Change in dried Welsh onions with age

Change in the carotenoids in dried laver with age

Change in the color of sausage with age, at different oxygen concentrations

Change in the color of beef jerky with age

5: Fast color   

4: Change the color silghthy
3: Change the color   

2: Change the color more
1: Change the color still more

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