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How to use AGELESS

1. Opening the carton box.

When opening box, avoid using too sharp an edge. (There is a possibility of damaging pouches).

2. Check tightness of the master bag.

  • AGELESS is vacuum packed. if you hang master bag from one end, the packets should not slip.
  • In case the packets should slip before opening DO NOT USE that master bag of AGELESS.

3. After opening master bag.

Spread out the needed quantity on a tray.


4. Remaining AGELESS.

The sachets which are not used should be resealed in a master bag or discarded if their exposure to air exceeds the maximum.

The remaining sachets should be resealed in the pouch after pressing out the air.


Do not pile up AGELESS in the tray.

Do not use AGELESS one by one, leaving the pouch open to air.

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