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Handling products in continuous rolls

Always check before use

The product is packed in a vacuum packed external packaging to prevent permeation by oxygen. By checking the state of the vacuum, minute holes created during transport or handling, as well as damage to the exterior can be checked.

How to check for vacuum of roll products

  • Check that the paper core cap hole in the external packing is pressed inward
  • Pull out the external packing that is pressed inward within the paper core cap hole and check that it returns to normal when released (even if it returns slowly it is correct)
  • Some products are not in a high state of vacuum. These products have the oxygen detection material AGELESS Eye. Check that it is pink in color

How to check for vacuum of belt products

  • Check that the external packing is bumpy along the belt upper surface
  • Contact us if a vacuum cannot be determined using this method

Inquiries Concerning Products

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