Oxygen Indicator

Note: This product is exclusive for test purpose. MGC does not recommend using for any quality assurance purpose.

This product is to check oxygen free or not with visible color.If the oxygen level inside of a bag is about 0.5% or more, it shows blue. and if it is about 0.1% or less, it shows pink.

Following information is available:

  1. The packaging material which provided from other supplier, is applicable or not.
  2. Proper quantity and type of RP agent is used or not.
  3. The bag is sealed completely or not such as tunnel, less heated, tiny pin-hole or etc.

If the indicator does not return pink several days after packaging with in the RP System, one of the above problems may be occurred. Repackaging is required.

Condition Oxygen present
Photo: Oxygen present
Oxygen free
Photo: Oxygen free
Color Pink before opening, turns blue after contact with the air. If the RP reagent creates an oxygen free condition, the indicator returns pink again.

The color of the indicator will be unsure after long-term storage. The oxygen indicator is thermal, light and oxygen sensitive.

Part No. Quantity/Contents
NDE7 500/25 x 20 bags

A tablet in a Nylon sachet

Do not take out an indicator tablet from the Nylon sachet.
Store under oxygen free condition.
Store in a refrigerator.

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