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How to Use

You can create a space where deterioration does not easily occur by using RP System.

1. Put the object article in the Gas barrier film bag.

MGC recommends high gas barrier bags:

  • Multi-layered aluminum foil laminated bags
  • PTS bags (transparent gas barrier bags)

Please contact MGC to learn if bags presntly used by your company are applicable for the RP System.

NOTE: Regular polyethylene and nylon bags are not acceptable for this use.

How to Use1

2. Place the required amount of RP agent into the bag.

The necessary amount of RP agents for a given bag is calculated from the volume of air in the bag.

  • RP-1A for 100 ml of air
  • RP-3A for 300 ml of air
  • RP-5A for 500 ml of air
  • RP-20A for 2000 ml of air
How to Use2

3. Seal up the bag with the heat sealer.

The seal width of the heat sealer is recommended to be 10 mm or at least a minimum of 5 mm.

It is possible to use the Special Clip for simple test or if no power supply is available for a heat sealing machine.

How to Use3

4. "The Clock stops." on oxidation and deterioration

The RP Agent absorbs oxygen, moisture and corrosive gases by means of chemical reaction.

How to Use4

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