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Gas-barrier Bags

A high gas-barrier bag is required to create and maintain oxygen, moisture and corrosive gases free condition for long term.


  • Various Rready made bags are in stock
  • Avairable small quantity
  • Complies with RoHS regulations.

The high gas-barrier bag is very important for RP System, because permeated oxygen, moisture and corrosive gas make the RP agent saturated. If gas-barrier is high, less volume of gases are permeated and shelf life is expected longer. MGC recommends the following gas-barrier bags, and your bag is also applicable if barrier is high enough. Please note that ordinary bags such as polyethylene or nylon bag, do not create an oxygen and moisture free environment, meaning the RP system will not work well.

PTS Bags

Gas-barrier Bags1

<For short-term storage, upto 6 to 12month or transportation / export>

Transparent bags with the highest class of gas barrier properties.

For the customer who want or should do visible inspection prior to shipping.

Part No. Size (mm) Quantity
PB180250P 180×250 1,000
PB220300P 220×300 1,000
PB350500P 350×500 200
PB400620P 400×620 200
PB600700P 600×700 100
PB800850P 800×850 100
  • Shape: Plane bag / three edge sealed
  • Size displayed: width x length including the seal width (10 mm)
  • Please inquire for other bag sizes

Aluminum Bags

Gas-barrier Bags2

<Long term storage>

For customers who reguire a complete gas barrier bags.

Ideal for long-term storage in the order of years or for storing or transportation for moisture sensitive products

Part No. Size (mm) Quantity
AB180250P 180×250 1,000
AB220300P 220×300 1,000
AB350500P 350×500 200
AB400620P 400×620 200
AB800850P 800×850 100
  • Shape: Plane bag / three edge sealed
  • Size displayed: width x length including the seal width (10 mm)
  • Please inquire for other bag sizes


Our new products ESCAL Neo series are softer and higher barrier than former ESCAL products.

Gas-barrier Bags3

<Long term storage>
Cut required length then seal both ends. The gas barrier properties are higher than PTS.

Part No. Size
Width (mm) x length (m)
HT160100M 160×100m 1
HT240100M 240×100m 1
HT480100M 480×100m 1
HFA00100M 1,000×100m 1
  • Shape: Two edge sealed roll form, ESCAL Neo Film (HFA00100M): 1,000mm width roll form film
  • Cut the roll at the required length and seal to create your own bag
  • Size: width x length including the seal width (10 mm) except HFA00100M

ESCAL Gusset

Gas-barrier Bags4

<Anoxious fumigation for big cultural assets>
Application: Paints, Three-dimensional item and other big items.

You can do anouxious treatment for a big cultural asset instantly "ESCAL Gusset" ( 166KB)
Part No. Outer dimension Inner dimension
HGA80018MA00 1,080mm×18m(Surplus 2m)×G1,000mm 1,060mm×18m(Surplus 2m)×G980mm

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