Q:How long can I store products with the RP System?

A:It is difficult to say because it depends upon a bag size, quantity of RP agent and storage condition. Generally speaking, it is 6 to 12 month for RP system with PTS bag then humidity will be risen up, moisture absorption will be saturated. In case of Al bag, we recommend to change the bag and replace the RP Agent every five years. Based on the typical data, RP System packaging keep oxygen and moisture free condition for 10 years at normal temperature and 3 years at 60℃/95%RH.

Q:What is the maximum temperature can be use the RP agent?

A:It is 60℃. This is dependent on the polyethylene used for the packing material. They can withstand 100℃ for a short period (approximately 2 weeks) within a PCT (pressure cooker test).

Q:How do I remove the oxygen remaining in the chamber or utility gas?

A: It is not applicable for these purposes. RP reagent is designed to absorb oxygen from the air (21% ) to 0.1% or less within one day. It requires a very high reactivity than the RP reagent.

Q:Is particles comes outfrom the RP reagent or the barrier bags?

A:RP reagent and barrier bags are not manufactured in a particle control environment. For products that are dust sensitive, they should be pre-packed in a dust-free polyethylene bag then ober-pack by the gas barrier bag.The RP reagent put between the barrier bags (can be used with HDD parts, semiconductor wafers/chips).

Q:Do the RP System products meet RoHS regulation?

A:The levels of four types of heavy metals and total bromide levels are below the detectable limit. Analysis data is available. Please inquire to your distributor.

Q:How long is the shelf life of unopened products?

A:It is 6 months after shipping from our warehouse. The storage temperature is under 25℃ and avoid direct sunlight.

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