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RP System, Oxygen and moisture free packaging for industrial products

RP System

The RP System is a strategic packaging for industrial supplier who hopes to avoid customer’s claim such as discoloration, moisture absorption, oxidation, less bondability and / or solderablity and etc. Getting influence of atmosphere, oxidation and moisture absorption typically causes these complaints. RP System creates oxygen and moisture free condition inside of a hermetically sealed high gas barrier bag; in other ward there is only dry nitrogen in side of the RP packaging. Therefore, there are no quality deterioration during transportation, especially overseas, or long-term storage. Theory of RP System is very simple and strong, no metal deterioration under oxygen and moisture free condition, therefore application is very wide, for example electronic components, package substrates, mechanical parts, raw materials and furthermore archaeological / cultural assets. RP System product, RP agents, PTS bag and Al bag, meet RoHS Regulation.

*ESCAL Neo (ESCAL renewal products)

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