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Anaero-indicator (should be refrigerated)

Anaero Pack1

Presence of O2 can be checked by the color change

Anaero Pack2

  • Though the change of the indicator's color is reversible, its sensitivity will go down when rensed. So consider as disposable.
  • There are pinholes on the film of oxygen indicator, The color changes by coming and going of oxygen from the pinhole. Use as it is. (Do not take pill from the film.)
  • Be sure to keep under oxygen-free, cool condition. Remainder should be sealed immediately after removing air in the pouch.
  • Good through 6 months under cool condition.

Petri dish rack

Petri dish rack for rect. jar (standard)

  • Can be used for microplates, petri dishes and rectangular dishes.
  • Can be placed to the Rectangular Jar(Standard) at a time by holding the plates.
  • Made by stainless steel.

Anaero Pack3

Anaero Pack4


Capacity of the petri dish rack for rect. jar

  • 10 units of petri dishes
  • 5 units of rectangular dishes or microplates

Petri dish rack for Standing-Pouch

Anaero Pack5

12 petri dishes can be held.

Anaero Pack6


Test Tube Rack [made by stainless steel]

  • Stain-resistant, washable. High durability.
  • Compact Z-shape.Space-saving.
  • Up to 3 x 4 = 12 units of test tubes can be hold.
  • Usable up to the test tubes of diameter 18mm (19mm of opening).

Anaero Pack7

Anaero Pack8

Examples of cultivation using rectangular jars(Standard)

Clips for sealing the pouches

For normal cultivation

Anaero Pack9

For the cultivation of thermophiles

Anaero Pack10

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