Preservation of culture media

AnaeroPack™- Keep, AnaeroPouch™- Keep are oxygen absorbers for preservation of culture media. The problems of previous method

Unused culture media for anaerobes should be anaerobically stored at cool temperature. Under aerobic atmosphere, oxygen will be dissolved in media which may lead worse grow of anaerobes.

By refrigerating culture medium using AnaeroKeep helps the growth of anaerobes when the medium is used. And it enables to preserve the medium longer.

for Standing-Pouch/AnaeroPack™- Keep

Best suited for storing large numbers of anaerobic culture media. Please use it with standing-Pouch.

Photo: for Standing-Pouch/AnaeroPack™- Keep

for Pouch / AnaeroPouch™- Keep

Suitable for storing small numbers of anaerobic culture media. Use with Pouch-Bags. Absorbs oxygen in half day to create suitable atmosphere for the preservation of anaerobic media. Anaero-Indicator may turn to pink in half a day or so after O2 concentration becomes zero.

Photo: for Pouch / AnaeroPouch™- Keep

about preservation

When using Standing-Pouch:

  • Close the upper side of the Pouch by Pouch-Clop by eliminating air. If other containers are used, it could lead to difficult opening of the lids caused by negative pressure, Cannot be used with Rectangular Jars.
Photo: using standing-pouch, you need to eliminating air

When using pouch:

  • Up to six plates can be stored. Close with Pouch-Clip by eliminating air. Can be repeatedly open for 2 to 3 times.
Photo: closing pouch with pouch clip by eliminating air.

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