Microaerophilic cultivation

AnaeroPack™- Anaero, AnaeroPouch™- Anaero work as oxygen absorber-CO2 generator for Microaerophilic cultivation.

Only to open the aluminum pack and to put the sachet into the container. No need to add water. No need to use catalyst.

for Jar / AnaeroPack™- MicroAero

Use with anaerobic jars or W-Zip Standing Pouch with Petri Dish Rack.

Photo: for Jar / AnaeroPack™- MicroAero

Gas concentration change by AnaeroPack™-MicroAero

O2 concentration 6-12%, CO2 concentration 5-8%. Creates microaerophilic atmosphere within 1 hour!

O2: Maintains 6-12% which is suitable for cultivation
Microaerophiles such as Campylobacter, Helicobacter will easily become extinct at 15% or higher oxygen concentration. And if less than 5%, their colony size will become smaller. Pack-MicroAero absorbs O2 inside the container quickly and its concentration will become 6-12% within 1 hour. So microaerophiles will grow smoothly.
Graph:Gas concentration change by AnaeroPack™-MicroAero
CO2 : Less than 10% which may not affect pH
Carbon dioxide concentration which needs to cultivate microaerophiles is more than 5%. Higher CO2 does not make much difference for cultivation results. On the contrary, dissolved CO2 might lower pH of the media and have a bad influence on the susceptibility test of some antibiotics. Pack-MicroAero will prevent this by keeping CO2 concentration about 5-8%.

for Pouch / AnaeroPouch™- MicroAero

Use with Pouch-Bag or W-Zip Pouch.
For 2 petri dishes. To cultivate one dish, put one empty dish to adjust the volume of the air.

AnaeroPouch™- MicroAero

Photo: AnaeroPouch™- MicroAero (for pouch)

Use with Pouch-Bag



Photo: AnaeroPouch™-MicroAero (for thin-type Jar)

for Thin-Type Jar


  • Campylobacter and Helicobacter prefer high humidity.
  • For example, put water into the jar (about 20cc) by wet cotton wool or wet filter paper. 2. Prevent surface of cultures from drying.
  • Pay attention not to touch sachet and the water put in jar. Rectangular jars with compartments are suitable.

How to use AnaeroPack™-MicroAero and AnaeroPouch™-MicroAero

  AnaeroPack™- MicroAero
[for Jar]
AnaeroPouch™- MicroAero

[for Pouch Bag, Thin-Type Jar]

Culture use for Campylobacters, Helicobacters
  • Rectangular jar(standard) : 1 AnaeroPack™-MicroAero
  • Rectangular jar(Large) : 1 AnaeroPack™-MicroAero(7L)
  • Pouch : 1 sachet [AnaeroPouch™-MicroAero for Pouch]
  • Thin-Type Jar : 1 sachet [MicroAero for Thin-Type Jar]
  • Use AnaeroPouch™-MicroAero for Pouch to Pouch Bag.
  • Use AnaeroPouch™-MicroAero for Thin-Type Jar with Thin-Type Jar. These 2 sachets save not compatible.
Attention for use These AnaeroPack™s should be used in jars, not in pouches. Cannot be used except for Pouch or Thin-Type jar.
  • Oxygen absorption starts immediately when the aluminum sachet is opened. After opening the aluminum bag, cover up the jar quickly (within one minute for jar, within 30 seconds for pouch).
  • Will generate CO2 slightly less than absorbed O2. Inner pressure of the Jars will be reduced slightly which may affect the opening of the lids.

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