Rectangular jar

  • Microplate and rectangular culture dish are also usable for anaerobic cultivation by using the rectangular jar.
  • Jars can be piled in the incubator.
  • Special compartment for Standard, Thin-Type and Large.
  • Thin-type is convenient for the transportation of the samples.
  • By standing shorter side, can be cultivated using test tubes.

List of Rectangle Jars

Product Inner dimension(mm) Volume Capacity
Rect.Jar 2.5L(JAR-25) W135×L197×H95 2.5 liter 12 petri dishes or
6 rectangular dishes
Rect.Jar 3.5L(JAR-35) W170×L240×H80 3.5 liter 15 petri dishes or
4 rectangular dishes
Rect.Jar 7L(JAR-70) W213×L280×H112 7 liter 42 petri dishes or
28 rectangular dishes
Rect.Jar 0.4L(JAR-04) W135×L197×H18 0.4 liter 2 petri dishes or
1 rectangular dishes

How to use jars with special compartment

"Standard", Thin-type" and "Large" have compartments. Suggested usage is as below:


  • Place the sachets.


  • Put 20ml of water humidity for anerobic cultivation.
  • Put anaerobic indicator in case of anaerobic cultivation.
Figure: how to use compartment of jar
Figure: correct and incorrect way to use jar

Put the cover on the jar suitably, then set latches. If you set latch first and then cover forcedly, or set latches to not-suitably covered jar, jar and cover might be damaged.

Jar materials and their resistance level

  Lid Latch Main body
Raw material PC POM PC
Heat resistance 140℃ 140℃ 140℃
Cold resistance -50℃ -30℃ -50℃
Heat and cold resistances are those of the materials. Distortion may occur by change of pressure inside of the jars.
Not autoclavable.
Cannot be used for the cultivation of thermophiles. (Use Standing-Pouch.)


  • Only AnaeroPack™ can be used for these rectangular jars.
  • Sometimes it requires some power to open the cover because the generated CO2 dissolves into the culture, which produces lower pressure inside the jar. In that case, pull one of the corners of the cover strongly.
  • Do not use AnaeroKeep for rectangular jars because the pressure inside the jar becomes lower and the shape of the jar might be distorted slightly.
  • When rubbish sticks to the washer, airtightness goes down. Wash with detergent, or wipe with alcohol occasionally.


Use with Pouch-Clip for cultivation of up to 14 plates or media preservation. In case of microbic or CO2 cultivation, use with Petri Dish Rack.

Examples of cultivation using Standing-Pouch

Photo: tools for cultivating with standing-pouch


Photo: Examples of cultivation using Standing-Pouch



  • Though disposable, can be used repeatedly unless it has no hole.
  • When using, 1) Pull the flexible end accompany to the folds, 2) Seal by the clip avoiding wrinkles.
    (If the pressure inside the jar differs from outside, flexible side will adjust the pressure).

Figure: how to close the Standing-pouch

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