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Anaerobic cultivation

Pack-Anaero and Pouch-Anaero work as oxygen absorber-CO2 generator. Only to open the aluminium pack and put the white sachet into the container. No need to add water. No need to use catalyst.

for Jar / AnaeroPack- Anaero

For anaerobic cultivation of large quantity. Use with anaerobic jars or W-Zip standing Pouch.

  • The large amount of generating CO2 enables to grow anaerobe faster and to obtain large size of colonies.
  • Especially for the cultivation of Prevotella, Porphyromonas sp., Anaero Pack system is reported as best of any other anaerobic methods. (From the reports of 21st and 22nd study meetings of anaerobe infection.)
  • Because the pressure inside the jar is equal to outside of that and it generates no high temperature, they enable to use simple jar. To open and close the jar is very easy.
  • The main ingredient of Anaero Pack is ascorbic acid (Vitamin C).
Anaero Pack1

Occasionally black spots may appear on the surface. It does not matter for the culti-vation. You can use as it is.

Composition change of the gas caused by AnaeroPack-Anaero

Anaero Pack2

The sachet absorbs O2 in the jar, generates about 16% of CO2 or more simultaneously, and produces anaerobic atmosphere. (The concentration of O2 will be zero within 2 hours)
The color change of oxygen indicator (when the O2 concentration becomes less than 0.1%, it turns to pink) takes longer time (about 2 hours) after the O2 concentration changes to 0%.

for Pouch / AnaeroPouch- Anaero

To cultivate up to 2 petri dishes. In case of no-strict anaerobes. 3 plates can be cultirated.

Use with W-Zipper Pouch-Bag or Pouch-Bag.

  • Best for small amount of petri dishes.
  • Effective for the transportation of samples.
  • Because the pouch is transparent, the growth of bacteria is visible from outside.
  • The pouch, can be used repeatedly unless it has hole.
Anaero Pack3

Anaero Pack4

Cultivation Results

Prevotella intermedia

Anaero Pack5

Finegoldia magna

Anaero Pack7

Fusobacterium necrophorum

Anaero Pack6

CO2 concentration of anaerobic chamber is 10%

OFLX 0.05μg/ml

Anaero Pack8

(Photos: Clinical Laboratory of Kanto Teishin Hospital, BMI Inc.)

How to use AnaeroPack-Anaero and AnaeroPouch-Anaero

  for Jar for Pouch
  • For Jar volume 2.5 liter or less: One sachet
  • For Jar volume 3 liter or more: More than two sachets in proportion to the volume*
  • For Pouch or Thin-Type Jar: One sachet
  • Cannot be used for other jars except Thin-Type.
Attention for use
  • Oxygen absorption starts immediately when the aluminum bag is opened. After opening the aluminum bag, cover up the jar quickly (within one minute for Jar, 30 seconds for Pouch).
  • When using more than two sachets, do not pile them.
  • Used pack sometimes becomes hot because of the surplus ability. The sachets should be allowed to cool to room temperature for about 30 minutes prior to disposal.
  • For thermophiles, use Anaero Pack-Anearo for thrmophiles.

AnaeroPack-Anearo (Middle size) which can be used for 3.5-liter jar is also available.

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