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BT Materials for Chip-LED

BT Materials for Chip-LED

These are the de facto standard materials for Chip-LED use. They excel in high reflectivity of visible light. And, they are very suitable for wire-bonding because of its stable mechanical properties at elevated temperatures and high heat resistance for longer term. In addition, they are halogen free materials.

Copper Clad Laminates Prepregs CCL Thickness Prepreg Thickness


0.06, 0.1-1.0 (0.1step), 0.46mm


CCL-HL820 is an ivory colored material. It has high reflectivity of visible light and infrared.

Typical applications

Chip-LED, PWBs for IC cards and luminescent element devices.

Copper Clad Laminates Prepregs CCL Thickness Prepreg Thickness




White material with high reflectance of visible light, much suitable for chip LED substrate.Less discoloration after heat treatment and light irradiation.

Typical applications


Typical properties of Materials
Item Condition Unit HL820 HL820WDI

Dielectric Constant

1MHz A
1GHz A 5.0 5.7

Dissipation Factor

1MHz A
1GHz A 0.013 0.020

Insulation Resistance

  C-96/20/65 Ω 5x1013-15 5x1013-15

Surface Resistance

  C-96/20/65 Ω 5x1013-15 5x1013-15

Volume Resistivity

  C-96/20/65 Ω・cm 5x1014-16 5x1014-16

Flexural Strength

Warp A MPa 500 480
Fill A MPa 490 470

Flexural Modulus

Warp A GPa 23 23
Fill A GPa 22 22

Tensile Strength

Warp A MPa 290 290
Fill A MPa 280 280

Young's Modulus

Warp A GPa 23 25
Fill A GPa 22 24

Glass Transition Temp.

DMA A 210 210
TMA A 180 180

Cofficent of Thermal Expansion

Warp, Fill A ppm/℃ 15 15
Z(α1、α2) A ppm/℃ 45/180 45/180

Peel Strength

12μ A KN/m 1.0 1.0
18μ A KN/m 1.2 1.1

Flame Resistance

UL94 E-168/70 HB HB

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