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Laminated materials for printed circuit boards
(BT materials)

Materials for Printed wiring board

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical was the first vendor of materials for PWBs in Japan. Since then, MGC has continued to produce advanced materials for the PWB industry with its innovative advanced technology. BT resin materials originally invented by MGC, have excellent mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties. So they have achieved a high market share in the various applications such as IC plastic packages, Chip LED, and high frequency devices, where they are used. And also, MGC produces laminate for motherboard, that meets the stringent requirements of the market. The product number prefix "CCL" designates core laminate, and "GHPL" or "GEPL" designate prepreg (B-stage).

Advanced materials for PWB Industry

Higher Speed

Multi Functional FR-4 Materials for High Speed PWB, BT for High Freq. Use

Higher Reliability

BT for IC Plastic Packages, BT for Chip LED, etc.

Smaller and Thinner

Various Build-up Materials

Environmentally Friendly

Halogen Free Materials

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