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Materials Line-up

High Performance FR-4 for Multi-layered PWB
Epoxy Resin Materials for High Layered PWB CCL-EL190T / GEPL-190T
Low Dk Epoxy Resin Materials CCL-EL230T / GEPL-230T

High Performance FR-4 for Multi-layered PWB

BT Materials for Chip-LED
Ivory White BT Materials CCL-HL820
White BT Materials for Chip LED CCL-HL820WDI

BT Materials for Chip-LED

BT Materials for IC Plastic Package
Non-halogenated BT Resin
Laminate for IC Plastic Packages
CCL-HL832NX type A /GHPL-830NX type A
CCL-HL832NS type LC /GHPL-830NS type LC
CCL-HL832NSR type LC /GHPL-830NSR type LC
CCL-HL832NSF type LC /GHPL-830NSF type LC
CCL-HL832NSA type LC /GHPL-830NSA type LC
GHPL-830SR type LC
CCL-HL972LF type LD /GHPL-970LF type LD
CCL-HL972LFG type LD /GHPL-970LFG type LD

Inquiries Concerning Products

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Electronics Materials Division
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