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The MGC MH-MD process is comprised of a reforming process, purification process, and heat transfer system.

Methanol reforming

The catalyst in the decomposition reaction vessel allows the mixed vapor of Methanol and water vapor to undergo both a Methanol decomposition reaction and CO transformation reaction in the same vessel.

CH3OH → CO+2H2-23.5kcal/mole
CO+H2O → CO2+H2+8.7kcal/mole
CH3OH+H2O → CO2+3H2-14.8kcal/mole

The hydrogen-producing reaction that occurs due to the decomposition of Methanol is an endothermic reaction, so the heat required by the decomposition reaction is provided via heat transfer flowing over the exterior of the catalyst tube. The Methanol and water vapor, which is chiefly composed of hydrogen and carbon dioxide, becomes a reformed gas composed of a small quantity of carbon monoxide, methane, and unreacted Methanol and water vapor.

Heat recovery

To achieve energy conservation in the process, heat recovery from the reformed gas is performed, and the PSA unit’s verge gas is efficiently used as fuel for heat transfer heating.

Recovery of unreacted Methanol

The unreacted Methanol and water vapor contained in the reformed gas that exits the decomposition reaction vessel is cooled, condenses, and returns to the decomposition reaction vessel again to be used as raw material.

Purity of reformed gas

The reformed gas (unrefined hydrogen gas) isolated from unreacted Methanol and water vapor in the gas-liquid separator contains impurities such as CO, CO2 and Methanol and water equivalent to the equilibrium vapor pressure. The unrefined hydrogen gas is turned into High-purity hydrogen gas production equipment by performing absorption removal of impurities in a PSA process gas refinery. The product hydrogen has a purity of over 99.999 vol%. Furthermore, if the palladium alloy membrane method is concurrently employed, it is possible to refine ultra-high purity hydrogen gas with a purity of over 99.99999 vol%.

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