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Anticipates the needs of the age

High-purity hydrogen gas production equipment can be produced on-site.

Low temperature highly active catalyst

Based on MGC’s experience in developing and producing Methanol -related catalysts over the years, MGC employs a highly active, long-lived reforming catalyst produced at its catalyst plant. This catalyst is low temperature (240-249℃), possesses extremely high activity, and is fully reliable with regards to strength and longevity.

Compact facilities

Because this process is simple, decomposing the Methanol in a single step, few machines are needed and large facilities are unnecessary. Furthermore, low-capacity equipment can be provided as a package, making on-site construction simple.

Superb operability

The process has been designed based on MGC’s long experience in chemical plant operation technology. The facilities are automated, easily started and stopped, and can be administered by just performing periodic patrols throughout year-round operations.

Clean transportation and storage of Methanol made easy

Compared to natural gas, naphtha, or LNG, the raw Methanol is clean, requires no preprocessing, is simple to transport and store, and is safe.

Stable supply of Methanol

As the top manufacturer of Methanol , MGC guarantees the quality and supply stability of its raw Methanol . MGC has secured Methanol stock points all over Japan, ensuring a stable supply system.

Supports hydrogen gas applications by design

On demand, optimal equipment can be designed based on the MGC MH-MD standard specification. Please inquire for further details.

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