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Guidelines for Using This IR Website


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MGC endeavors to disclose information to shareholders and investors in a timely and appropriate manner, and maintains this website so that users can easily obtain relevant information using the various functions made available.

Changing the text size

Changing the text size in a browser (in the case of Microsoft Internet Explorer)

Printing a webpage

You can open a window showing a printer-formatted version of the webpage by clicking on the printer icon situated in the upper right-hand side of the screen.

  • * The webpage printing function uses JavaScript, so the link to the printer window will not be available if your browser does not support JavaScript or if JavaScript has not been activated in your browser settings.
  • * The webpage printing function also uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), so the printer-formatted version of the webpage will not be displayed if your browser does not support CSS or if CSS has not been activated in your browser settings.

Searching within the website

You can search for information by inputting keywords in the search area. Webpages containing the keywords will then be shown under Search Result.

About the breadcrumbs trail

The breadcrumbs trail shows the hierarchal position of the currently displayed webpage within the website. It allows you to check the location of the current page or directly return to a higher level of the website.

About the RSS function

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” or “Rich Site Summary,” and is an XML-based platform for distributing website content such as article headings and summaries. By using the RSS web feed, you can quickly access the latest information that you require. To display such information from websites via the RSS web feed on your personal computer, you must use RSS reader software or an RSS-compatible browser. Such software is available for free but it requires installation and registration, which will depend on your computing environment and purpose of usage.

  • * Please be aware that RSS updates may be suspended due to system maintenance or other reasons without prior notice, and the RSS format or content may change without prior notice.
  • * MGC will not respond to inquiries about how to use an RSS reader.

About the various icons displayed