Biodiversity Conservation

Biodiversity Conservation (Non-consolidated)

Endorsing the aims of the Keidanren (Japan Business Federation) Declaration of Biodiversity, MGC signed on as a promotional partner of the Declaration in 2009.
In 2014, MGC became a member of the Keidanren Nature Conservation Committee with the aim of engaging in activities to protect the natural environment and conserve biodiversity.

MGC reliably manages chemicals based on responsible care and strives to conduct operations while taking all possible measures to prevent effects on human health or the health of ecosystems and works to achieve greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets. Through these efforts, we seek to maintain abundant natural environments where wildlife can thrive and increase biodiversity by sustainably using natural capital.
Furthermore, we contribute to sustainable development through the development of technology that can be assessed as eco-friendly products, and the proliferation of these products.

We undertake activities that support biodiversity through close-at-hand activities at each plant, such as flower-growing campaigns within plant sites and maintenance of forest preserves in surrounding areas, as well as addressing the issues of plastic in the oceans by cleaning up rivers and harbors neighboring our sites.