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Summary of MGC and the MGC Group's environmental and social activities in fiscal 2022



Environmental Performance
(Environmental Preservation Performance Metrics)

Environmental Management

  • ISO 14001 certification status

    MGC has obtained certification of compliance with the ISO 14001 environmental management system standard at all of its domestic plants and endeavors to continuously improve its environmental performance.

  • Environmental risk management

    For environmental risk management, MGC requires safety assessments to be performed before installation, replacement, expansion or major modification of facilities. At existing facilities, MGC pursues prevention or early detection of abnormalities through routine inspections and maintenance and conducts emergency response drills as an added precaution against accidents. It has a wide range of insurance coverage, including fire insurance, business interruption insurance, oil pollution insurance and liability insurance.

  • Water risk management

    MGC monitors its actual water consumption and uses water efficiently by measuring water withdrawal, water discharge, water usage and water recycling. In drawing from water sources, MGC restricts its intake to permitted quantities in accord with applicable laws or agreements with municipalities. Additionally, MGC discharges wastewater into rivers, the sea or other public water bodies in compliance with effluent standards after treating it to filter out identified pollutants.

  • Internal carbon pricing

    In April 2021, MGC adopted an internal carbon pricing scheme to quantify climate-change risks. When planning capital expenditures that would result in increased or reduced CO2 emissions, MGC factors into its investment decisions a cost or benefit based on an internal carbon price (¥10,000/Mt Co2e). By doing so, it promotes reduction of CO2 emissions and development of technologies and products that contribute to building a low-carbon society.

  • Biodiversity conservation

    MGC endeavors to reliably manage chemicals based on Responsible Care®, mitigate climate change by improving energy efficiency and reducing GHG emissions and maintain a richly biodiverse natural environment. MGC also contributes to sustainable development by creating environmentally beneficial technologies and products and promoting their widespread adoption.

  • Renewable energy use

    • MGC has been involved in geothermal power generation since 1990. A joint venture co-owned by MGC constructed the Wasabizawa Geothermal Power Plant and has been operating it since April 2019. In August 2019, a second joint venture co-owned by MGC commenced construction on another geothermal power plant in Appi, Iwate Prefecture, scheduled to be commissioned into operation in April 2024.
    • Additionally, MGC's QOL Innovation Center Shirakawa (Fukushima Prefecture) and Niigata Research Laboratory (Niigata Prefecture) are equipped with photovoltaic systems that generate power for on-site consumption.

Press Releases on Environmental Topics