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Iupizeta™, Special polycarbonate resin

Iupizeta™ is the original special polycarbonate resin which Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co., Inc. developed.

Iupizeta™ can customize to have the characteristics for your needs with the flexible molecular design.


For example

  • High water repellent(Low surface free energy, over 100° by water contact angle)
  • Antifouling property, high oil repellency, anti fingerprint
  • High lubricity and wear resistance
  • Processability ( low Tg )
  • Moldability and fluid improvement
  • Cold impact resistance
  • Compatibility
  • Elastomer
  • High hardness
  • Reactivity
  • From super macromolecule to oligomer
  • Heat resistance
polycarbonate resin
Heat resistant
polycarbonate resin
Highly heat resistant
polycarbonate resin
Tg /℃ 140~150 170~190 >220
  • Solubility (It is soluble in various solvents more than normal polycarbonate resin.)
  CH2Cl2 1,4-
THF toluene xylene ethylacetate MEK Anone
polycarbonate resin
× × × × × × ×
Highly Soluble
polycarbonate resin

○: >10wt% soluble, ×: 1wt% insoluble (under Room Temperature, Powder)

It arranges for the wide lineup from the general grade to the customer grade on demand.

The application example

  • Electrophotography photoreceptor use
  • Various binder use
  • Wet process molding use
  • Film use and sheet use

The molded articles (e.g.PCZ-200 molding)

The lineup

*Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics Corporation

Besides, we can provide the other special polycarbonates except the above series.

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