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MGC is a chemical company engaged in a truly wide range of segments, from basic chemicals to fine chemicals and functional materials. This section features some of MGC’s products and technologies that benefit society, categorized according to the five areas of energy, infrastructure, mobility, information and communications, and medical and food.

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Medical Sector
1Drying and de-oxydation agent (PharmaKeep)
Maintains low oxygen concentration levels and low humidity for pharmaceuticals, which ensures longer lasting quality.
2Anaerobic culture system (AnaeroPack)
This system is used in microorganism testing at clinical labs to speed up diagnosis and contributing to research and development in the medical sector
3Peracetic acid
Used in the disinfectant and sterilization of medical devices and equipment.
Food Sector
4Oxygen absorbers (AGELESS, AGELESS OMAC)
Absorbs oxygen in sealed containers to maintain a long shelf life, taste and freshness. Maintains the quality of food and helps reduce wastage.
5Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ)
A new food ingredient considered to be not only beneficial for the brain but also for beauty as well.
6Aromatic aldehydes
Used as raw material for agricultural chemicals.
7Heat-resistant polyester (ALTESTER)
Used for containers for jelly and the like because it is easily molded and is highly transparent.
8Peracetic acid
Used to clean and disinfect food and beverage containers allowing longer shelf lives at room temperature.
9Purified Isophthalic acid
Used in PET bottles.
9Polyamide(MX Nylon)
Used for hot tea and carbonated beverage bottles because of its excellent gas barrier properties.
Used in the outer film for PET bottles.


1BT materials for semiconductor packages
MGC was the first in Japan to develop this plastic PWB material that helps to make mobile devices more compact and high performance.
2Polycarbonate (Iupilon)
Used in touch panels and liquid crystal displays for mobile devices.
2EL chemicals
Used during the manufacture of semiconductors, flat panel displays, and printed wiring boards.
2Epoxy printed wiring board (PWB) material
Used in motherboards.
3Miscellaneous engineering plastics
Used in the outer casings, internal gears and photoreceptor drums of printers, copy machines, and other office automation equipment.
4Optical resin polymer (Iupizeta™ EP)
Used in camera lenses. Features excellent optical properties, such as high transparency and a high refractive index, which contributes to higher resolution cameras


1Glycidyl methacrylate
Used in automotive topcoat paints
2Foamed plastic (Visit the website of JSP Corporation)New window will be opened.
Widely used in automotive interiors and exteriors, including bumpers and seats. Light-weight foam with high shock absorbing properties has helped to enhance collision safety performance and improve fuel economy.
3Miscellaneous engineering plastics
Used as a component in door mirrors, headlights, car navigation systems, automotive interiors, and the camera lenses of drive recorders.
Used in interior components and fuel pump modules.


Used in plastics, coatings, and pharmaceuticals as a basic chemical, with diverse applications for derivatives too. MGC has methanol plants outside of Japan, supporting much of global demand.
2Geothermal power generation
MGC is developing clean geothermal energy with low CO2 emissions during generation and promoting power generating projects.
31,3-Bis (Aminomethyl) cyclohexane
Outstanding weatherability, used in coatings and paints. Helps to extend the life of building walls and floors and wind turbine blades.
4Phthalic anhydride and
Isophthalic acid
Used in plasticizing agents for softening PVC water pipes.
5Metaxylenediamine (MXDA)
Used in coatings for structures such as bridges, plant pipes, and tanks to prevent metal deterioration